ywarsi? Why not warsi!
My name is Sana and I am trying to make it as a photographer in Birmingham, Al. Give me a shot!

On September 22, I went out to Helena, Al to shoot a wedding vow renewal. First of all, the couple themselves, their family and friends were the NICEST people. Secondly, the location was GORGEOUS. I tried to capture in the photos, but they literally do no justice to venue. Really enjoyed this one, but hey, when do I not enjoy what I do? :)

If you want to see a few more, head to my facebook page @ www.facebook.com/ywarsiphotography

My very first official wedding! Manal and Amr were married on June 10, 2012 in a beautiful ceremony at the Harbert Center in downtown Birmingham, Al. I was lucky enough to be the wedding photographer and I sure did enjoy it! Hope you guys like the photos. Respecting the brides privacy, (as she covers herself), I have refrained from posting photos of her.

Beauutiful friend Noreen and her awesome fiance, Asad were married this past weekend! A small sampling of photographs from their vibrant and amazingly fun wedding! 


My good friends, George and Charlotte got married! The wedding was incredibly beautiful. George looked dashing as well and Charlotte looked absolutely stunning! Her dress was incredible!

Beautiful baby Aneesa’s first birthday party. Had a really great time and want to thank the parents, Aser baji and Umar bhai for giving me the opportunity to shoot for them. 

Had the pleasure of photographing the nicest couple today! Beautiful photos, beautiful day, beautiful couple makes for one great shoot! Want more? Go to www.facebook.com/ywarsiphotography!

Me and my friend did a night shoot of Birmingham, Al. Just felt like messing around. Enjoy! :) 

I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot for Dasia, a very talented and up-and-coming R&B artist. Girl has an AMAZING voice! Thank you guys so much for letting me be a part of Dasia’s promising musical career. Here are some of favorite photos from the day. 

I just want to thank Charlotte and George for allowing me to take a million photos of you guys :) 

A few photos from a photoshoot with Charlotte and George. More to come!

My friends, Farhan and Maryam got married recently in a beautiful 3-day traditional South Asian ceremony. I majorly creeped on them during the wedding and they were kind enough to let me share the photos. Aren’t they awesome? 

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